Events at CARS conference

CARS 2011, CARS 2010, CARS 2099, CARS 2008: Assessment in Medical Image Processing for CAS: Methods and Tools

CARS Special Event Tutorial (VMIP)
Berlin, Geneva, Barcelona 
Pierre Jannin, INSERM/Univ. de Rennes I (France)

Course details

This tutorial will introduce the basic knowledge of assessment terminology and methodology, especially in the context of medical image processing for Computer Assisted Surgery. The tutorial will first outline the complexity and diversity of assessment in such clinical context. Tools and classifications will be introduced to manage this complexity. The main components of an assessment study in medical image processing for CAS will be described as well as methods for making easier the design and report of such assessment studies. Main examples will concern image guided surgery.

CARS 2005: CARS/EFMI Joint Workshop: " Medical Reference Image Databases and Correlated Software Tools and Technologies for Validation"

CARS 2005, 25 June 2005, Berlin (D)

Organizers: P. Jannin, PhD (F) A. Horsch, Munich, Germany, PhD (G)

Since 2002, the CARS conference has invited international experts to present their vision on validation in medical image processing. The initial objective was to make the medical imaging community aware of validation issues. At CARS 2005, in conjunction with the EFMI MIP Working Group, we continued this effort. The second part of the workshop consisted of a panel discussion in a different atmosphere, both interactive and informal. The speakers together with the audience compiled a list of requirements and extract priorities concerning validation. An initial list of topics has been define by the members of the MIP WG. This list has been propose and submit to the audience before the workshop. During the panel discussion, we completed this list and selected the more relevant topics. Results are available to the CARS and EFMI community.

  • Overview, P. Jannin, Universite de Rennes (France)
  • About the first public private partnership for reference image databases, as announced at the RSNA 2004, L.P. Clarke, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD (USA) (pdf)
  • Reference data, validation and certification platforms: the medical imaging supplier's point of view, A. Jerebko, Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, PA (USA) (pdf)
  • Validating imaging readouts in the drug development process: the pharmaceutical industry's point of view, A. Schmidt, Novartis International AG, Basel (CH) (pdf)
  • The EFMI reference image database initiative: concept, state and related work, A. Horsch, Univ. of Munich (D) (pdf)
  • The need of certified and complete annotation and the need for annotation tools for reference image data-base, Invited Speaker: T. Wittenberg, Fraunhofer Inst. für Integrierte Schaltungen, Erlangen (D) (pdf)
  • CELLENGER automated high content analysis of biomedical imagery, M. Athelogou, Definiens AG, Munich (D) (pdf)
  • GRID enabled workstations for validation and prototyping image processing software and the use of extended databases of test cases, A.E. Todd-Pokropek, The Univ. College London (UK)
  • Panel on Validation Issues, Session Chairs: Pierre Jannin, PhD (F), Alexander Horsch, PhD (D)

CARS 2004: Session on "Validation in Medical Image Processing and Display"

CARS 2004 Chicago (US)

Session Chairs: P. Jannin, PhD (F) R. Shahidi, PhD (USA)

Program and downloaded presentations (in PDF format) :

  • A test suite for the validation of volume visualization methods
  • A. Pommert, K.-H. Höhne, Univ. Hosp. Hamburg-Eppendorf (D)
  • Tele-training simulation for the surgical robot system "da Vinci"
  • S. Suzuki, N. Suzuki, A. Hattori, M. Hayashibe, Jikei Univ. School of Medicine, Tokyo, M. Hashizume, K. Konishi, Kyushu Univ., Y. Kakeji, Kyushu Univ. Hosp., Fukuoka (J)
  • Panel Discussion : Colchester, Shahidi, Clarke, Jannin, ...

CARS 2003: Session on "Validation in Medical Image Processing in Image-guided Therapy" CARS 2003 London (GB)

Session Chairs: P. Jannin, PhD (F) R. Shahidi, PhD (USA)

Program and downloaded presentations (in PDF format) :

  • 11:15 Validation of image processing in image guided therapy: terminology and methodology Invited Speaker: Pierre Jannin, Univ. of Rennes (F)
  • 11:30 Validation of medical volume visualization: a literature review A. Pommert, K.-H. Höhne, Univ. Hospital of Hamburg (D)
  • 11:45 Knowledge structure und templates for information elements in validation procedures in CARS M. Strauss, H.U. Lemke, Technical Univ. Berlin (D)
  • 12:00 Validation of Image Guided Interventions at the CISG Invited Speaker: Philip J Edwards, Computational Imaging Science Group, King's College London

CARS 2002: Workshop on "Validation of Medical Image Processing in Image-guided Therapy" CARS 2002 Paris (France)

Invited speakers:

  • J.M. Fitzpatrick from Vanderbilt University USA,
  • D.J. Hawkes from Computational Imaging Science Group, London GB,
  • X. Pennec INRIA Sophia-Antipolis France,
  • R. Shahidi Stanford University USA,
  • M.W. Vannier from University of Iowa USA
A paper was published in the proceedings of CARS 2002 : "White paper : Validation of Medical Image Processing in Image-guided Therapy" (pdf format)

Available presentations (pdf format) :

  • P. Jannin : « VIGT: Introduction »
  • D.J. Hawkes : « Some approaches to validation of image to physical space registration methods in image guided surgery »
  • X. Pennec : « Estimation of registration accuracy in the absence of gold standard »
  • J.M. Fitzpatrick : « Proving navigational accuracy to the FDA: Acustar's trial »
  • R. Shahidi : « Challenges and opportunities for setting standards in computer assisted therapy »
  • M.W. Vannier : « Imaging system validation to meet FDA regulatory requirements - CAD systems »